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Take Down
Posted by killerbee

This is a takedown notice for the Teamspeak and both Operation Flashpoint servers for Wednesday October the 22th.
This should take a day when lucky.
Reason for this is that the engergy company gonna redo the main power cable in the street.

Hope they don't mess things up to badly !

With regards,
Tora Bora addon
Posted by killerbee

We have today a new addons added to our ARMA2 OA server called Tora Bora.

For more info go to this link of our forum !

Here is the link to the download of the addon Tora Bora

Hope to see you soon.
Update Website !
Posted by killerbee

After problems with the provider, we had to remove one folder with addons.
Addons have been transfered to a different location.
All the addons that were on the following page are restored and you can be download again.

Operation Flashpoint - Additional

In the Download section.