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[LOL] ArmA OFP Site FAQs (frequently-asked questions)

General FAQ Questions

General FAQ Answers

How do I create my own custom face for OFP?

Use the picture template (here)to create a non-progressive (zero progressive passes) 256x256 pixel 24 bit color file (or a 128x128 pixel 16 bit color file, if you are running OFP in 16 bit resolution):
(If you have no idea what that is just edit the attached file and save )

In your customized image file, try to maintain, as close as possible, the position of the eyes and the mouth as seen in the above template image.

Save your customized image as a file named FACE.JPG to the following directory:


Start OFP and click on your player name on the upper left hand corner of OFP's main menu. The SELECT PLAYER menu will be displayed.

On the SELECT PLAYER menu, select your player name and click on EDIT to display the EDIT PLAYER menu.

On the EDIT PLAYER menu, scroll down to the bottom of the FACE selection list on the upper right hand side of the menu. The last entry in the list is name "Custom face". When "Custom face" is selected, you should then be able to see the image taken from your FACE.JPG file. If you like it, click OK on the bottom of the EDIT PLAYER menu to save your changes

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How do I create custom logos and have a team tag like the [LOL] Clowns?

Go in to the OFP Game Menu and click on your name it's in the top left corner. (will say Player: YourName)
Click you name again on the left and then hit EDIT (note- make sure you remember the EXACT spelling of your name) and there might be more then one name there, so be sure to select the one you want seen when playing.
In the new Screen you'll see a Face, you can change it, and your Voice, but the what you need is here.
There is a Player ID number, Write it down, it will be the same for any Name you had listed on the previous menu.
Now on the lower right you will see "squad URL", you have to add in your web site's URL and the location of your squad.xml this will be the same for EVERY member in your squad, as the squad.xml will know who is who on your squad by your player numbers.
use this format <--click to view
but use your web space of course
etc. etc.

Save that and leave OFP
Download this file (here), it contains all the files you need to place on your Web server (lets hope you have one)
Extract them to a folder, you will only have to Edit squad.xml and place your own logo over the example logo shown
The Logo is the best part, use Paint Shop Pro 7 or other Graphic programs to edit the Picture.
It has to be a specific size as well 32x32 or 64x64 or 128x128, go with 128x128 in 16 or 32 bit color
Editing the squad.xml, to do that just open it up with Note Pad and you'll see below how to change them
<!-- Squad properties follow - change values as necessary -->
<!-- Keep nick short - it is displayed together with players nick -->
<squad nick="LOL">
<!-- Main squad name, also page title when XML is viewed in web browser -->
<name>LOL Operation Flashpoint Squad</name>
<!-- Squadmaster email address -->
<!-- Main web site of the squad -->
<!-- Squad picture URL (will be documented later) -->
<!-- Squad name - displayed on vehicles manned by squad members -->
<!-- Member list follows - change values as necessary -->
<!-- user ID and nick nick must be the same as given in OFP Edit Player dialog -->
<member id="0000000" nick="squid">
<remark>Remark Here</remark>

follow the changes I listed above to the right and your in business (don't forget to save)
Upload all these 4 files (not the zip you just down loaded) to your web server (FTP what ever you use), or get your Squad's Web Admin to do it for you, make sure they all end up in the same folder or place as we listed above
Now when your Playing a Game (online only) you will see your squads log on any Vehicle you're driving (wont show any logo if two guys from different squads are in the same vehicle (ie CO-OP).
Now hit the Letter "P" (this is the default letter for showing a list of players and you will also see this page when your waiting at the Game in Progress Screen when you join after the game has launched)
Trouble shooting
1) Don't see my logo while playing online.
a) Just make sure the logo is a jpg format and that it's size are 32x32 or 64x64 or 128x128, go with 128x128 in 16 or 32 bit color
b) make sure the logo is on your web server in the same directory as your squad.xml
2) I don't see any player or Squad info under my name in the Players screen while playing online.
You have to make sure your Name and Player ID is spelt the Same way in the game and in the Squad.xml, or you wont see nothing
3) Do different squad members need their own squad.xml?
No, use the same one, just keep adding the following for each player

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How do I put my own avatar / signature on my messages in the forums?

Click on profile (at top of forum) you can then link to an off-site Avatar, or pick one that is part of the system

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What is Operation Flashpoint?

OFP is an FPS which allows 3rd in principal just not on our server. If you have no idea what the hell I am talking about then go to here or here

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How do I create my own missions?

I would go to this is a great source of editing and map making tips and srcipts

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My game keeps crashing to desktop when I!

Could be one of many reasons with out more information this FAQ is not going to be of any use to you. Feel free to post a topic in the help forum (here) with some more details

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Which ports do I need to open on my firewall in order to play OFP online?

We uses 2302 and 2303 UDP for server, 2302 for game play 2303 for reporting to suchlike as GaySpy .... sorry Game Spy

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How do I take screenshots in game?

Couple of ways, the trusty old print screen button, once you have done this you will have to tab to a graphics editor and paste it in or you can use programs such as GrabClipSave (GCS) see our downloads section (here)

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What happened to the thongs?

SInce they where such a good seller they may come back!

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Who wrote these stupid FAQ's anyway?

They where written on 10 stone tablets and handed down from a moutain top

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