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PostPosted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 8:21 am    Post subject: AsrAi3 Reply with quote

AsrAi3 config updated to match last Asrai3 Steam update. Its been out of sync since update.

If your wondering what it does;

ASR AI3 by Robalo
AI modification for ARMA3

Release thread on BIS forums:

Issue tracker on Github:

License: APL-SA

Feature Summary

- common functions and definitions, required by all other components

- config tweaks for increased projectile and explosion detection range
- allow low level rockets to be used by infantry against aircraft and infantry

- tweaks configs for weapon shooting by AI to make them appear more human-like
- consistent dispersion coefficients
- rate of fire based on engagement range
- weapon and fire mode selection
- variable, randomized bursts of automatic fire

- option to disable stamina for AI in player's group
- option to become group leader after using teamswitch to control another playable unit
- hot key for AI to follow player stance
- hot key for AI to hold fire until player fires

- adds various reactions on danger events
- share target info with near groups on contact
- use near vehicle and static weapons when available
- move to cover
- search or take cover inside buildings
- lay down to shoot when there is no cover
- machinegunners shoot more bullets at the enemy
- units unable to find any cover near get suppressed faster (then throw smoke)

- adds groups of SF units to Greek army faction

- adds some reactions and effects to units when they're hit
- maximum suppression when hit
- fall when hit
- move to cover
- use first aid kits when it's safe
- killed or injured units get out of static weapons

- adaptation of Rydygier's incognito
- makes units harder to identify as enemies based on few conditions
- carrying and using a weapon
- traveling inside a civilian or allied faction vehicle
- movement stance and speed
- time of day
- line of sight

- units check if they have enough primary ammo and first aid kits
- automatically rearm from near containers vehicles, bodies or backpacks of AI teammates when needed

- tweaks cfgAISkill interpolation for aiming and spotting
- unit camouflage (detectability) is based on actual gear (uniform, vest, ruck and launcher)
- advanced skill settings (see more below)
- wear NVG on head only when needed
- reduced reporting spam (unknowns no longer called)
- foot units less audible
- more likely to crouch in combat
- harder to be seen in the dark

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 12, 2018 5:07 pm    Post subject: AsrAi3 Reply with quote

On 6/8/2018 at 12:11 PM, jgaz-uk said:

Question; If some of the players on the server are not running ArmA3Sync will that be a problem?

Robalo answered;
Generally all players should be running the same mods on a server. Who knows what happens if they don't ? They could grow a third arm, shoot bullets from their behind.. up to you if you want to allow that Smile
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PostPosted: Wed Jun 13, 2018 10:51 am    Post subject: AsrAi3 Reply with quote

AsrAi3 settings on the server now set to Mission skills/difficulty set by mission maker take priority, If none are set by mission maker server AsrAi3 settings will take affect. Cool
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PostPosted: Sun May 12, 2019 11:38 am    Post subject: latest AsrAi3 Reply with quote

Config features
- AI's fire mode selection, rate of fire and engagement ranges are tweaked. Makes them shoot more human-like.
- Weapon dispersion varies more with unit's skill. The lower the skill, the more increased dispersion. Makes tweaking them from the userconfig more effective.

Hearing has been improved for soldiers but the perceived noise made by soldier movement was reduced. Makes sneaking up still possible while soldiers will
detect other noises better overall (those made by gun shots or vehicles for example).
- Reconfigures unit costs. Units are classified by importance in 3 levels: less (civilians, insurgents, militia), normal (regulars), more (special ops, snipers, officers).
Units (especially players) may change equipment so it doesn't make sense to have an "AT guy" wear a big "shoot me first" sign just because he's in that "class".
- AI units are more able to detect bullets fired.

Scripted features
- The units skills are automatically configured based on their unit type, faction and the settings that can be changed in the userconfig. The skills are randomized but
given in between a minimum and a maximum value based on the skill level each unit is assigned in. This way you can have regular unit better then guerilla but spec ops
or snipers a lot better then all so you're able to customize but also keep the diversity. You can configure for each unit class values for their aiming, spotting and general
skills. You can also apply global coefficients per faction. The skills are applied after the start of the mission for present units or for any units that may spawn in
- The view and object distance of the dedicated server is dynamically adjusted during a mission based on sun elevation and fog level. This is done because the view distance of the
AI on the server determines how fast they will lose a target they already became aware of. Less chances of getting shot through the thick of the fog or darkness by AI you can't even see.

- AI will be alerted by explosions. They may try to get to cover. The higher state of alertness will increase the chances of detecting the enemy.
- AI units are more able to detect gun fire. Factors which contribute to how far they can hear and how precise the information gained are:the ammo type, if the weapon is suppressed, foliage, houses
- Groups reduced to a 2 (configurable number) units after mission start will look for near friendly groups and merge with them. AI working as a team is a lot stronger then a bunch of separate units.
- Wounded AI that is unable to walk may separate from their group and be left alone if there's no medic in the group. Helps AI groups reach their destination in a timely
manner when one of theirs has been shot in the leg or had a stupid accident (fell of a rock and broke legs, got hit by car etc.).
- AI share info about threats with other groups in their proximity if they have radios. Enhances awareness for groups that are not directly in contact with an enemy.
- AI groups coming into contact while in the open will try to move to cover. Helps them survive longer when caught in the open.
- AI machinegunners use suppressive fire. Makes them more effective and feared.
- Buildings are used in combat by AI. You may see AI shooting from windows or rooftops and it may not be as easy to hide in a house anymore.
- AI may move to cover and pop smoke when hit to help conceal while taking care of their wounds.
- AI may use near vehicle or static weapons for fighting.
- Keeps player in charge on teamSwitch to another unit; prevents leaving AI in charge to shout stupid orders that you need to cancel when you switch back to leader unit.
- Disables fatigue for AI in player's group and enables it for currently player-controlled unit (triggered on teamSwitch only); lets AI be able to keep up with the player.
- AI may rearm if low on ammo from nearby crates, vehicles, bodies or even friendlies rucks (eg ammo bearers).
- AI copy leader player's stance (configurable shortcut key to toggle this, default: Ctrl + Backspace)

ADMIN if running Asrai3 clientside can edit settings before each mission.
Turning counter attack on (if you want the enemy to come at you for you to take out" or off so they will stay where scripted) numerious other settings can be tweaked as admin & even saved on your PC.

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